Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 unveiled during the PC Gaming Show at E3

Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive are teaming up for the medieval slasher sequel.

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Chivalry is getting a sequel and it was just announced onstage during the PC Gamer Show ahead of E3 2019. During the press event, Torn Banner's Steve Piggott and Tripwire's John Gibson both took to the stage to show off the next game in the visceral combat series.

Once again players will be engaging in sword battles, but the scale looks to have been expanded for this sequel, with new additions such as a revamped combat system, horseback gameplay, and siege battles, as you can see in the trailer that we've added below.

According to Piggott and Gibson, the game is all about transporting players into cinematic battle scenes where they can fight knights, burn down houses, and slaughter peasants. Delightful. They want players to be able to experience "every iconic moment of the era", and they also made sure to point out the game's sense of humour during the reveal.

Chivalry is coming out in early 2020, and it's heading first to the Epic Game Store. Check it out below.


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