Children of Morta

Children of Morta update brings NG+ and more story content

The new Children of Morta update gives players new reasons to spend more time with the Bergson family.

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The second free title update for Children of Morta is now available on all platforms. Developer Dead Mage promised fans that there would be more content for the narrative Roguelike RPG coming earlier this year, which brings us to this day. The "Setting Sun Inn" update introduces a new game+ in Children of Morta, which is accompanied by a large number of new story content.

You can start the story again in this mode, but instead of erasing your save data, you get to keep all the character progress. To make things easier, the difficulty level was increased in this mode as well, to provide a challenge for even the most experienced family members of the Bergson's. Players can also look forward to a number of new cut scenes, quests and activities because Dead Mage has built quite a lot of them:

Children of MortaChildren of MortaChildren of Morta

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