Children of Morta to focus on "the relations the characters have"
Children of Morta

Children of Morta to focus on "the relations the characters have"

We spoke with Karol Zajaczkowski at Gamescom this year about Dead Mage's upcoming title, Children of Morta.

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We caught up with Karol Zajaczkowski, Senior Marketing Manager at 11Bit Studios at Gamescom this year, talking about the very soon to launch roguelike RPG, Children of Morta developed by Dead Mage. During an interview, he gave us an insight into what separates this title from others in the genre before delving into the best way to play the game.

"The story here is really important because that's the family. They're not random classes like warriors or mages or whatever, each member of the family you can play is a different character. So, the youngest daughter is a fire mage and the father is a warrior but the game is not only about saving the world but the relations the characters have."

"We encourage you to play with different characters each time. That's another important part of this game because usually, you'll choose just one character, a warrior for example and you'll follow from day one to the very end with one character. Sometimes you'll want to try a mage but that would require me to start the game again, play the tutorial but it doesn't happen here as all the mechanics are designed to encourage players to switch characters between dungeons."

Zajaczkowski later went on to talk about how important cooperative play is in Children of Morta, talking about how they wanted to create a game that can provide a great time for family and friends, both locally and online.

"We don't spend enough time together with other people, so having a proper game to play with your friends and family is a quality time. That's very important to us and playing together is much more fun. So, we have local co-op but also coming after the release, we will have online co-op coming with the patches, very soon after the premiere. We have to have a single player, but we strongly encourage you to play together with a friend of yours."

Will you be playing Children of Morta cooperatively?

Children of MortaChildren of Morta

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