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"Childish" Valve employees to blame for some HL3 rumours

Valve have spoken out about the Half-Life 3 speculation.

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Valve has told VentureBeat that Half-Life 3 rumours are the result of certain "childish" individuals, those who enjoy getting people excited about the potential game.

In an image included by VentureBeat, there seems to be a Half-Life 3 logo on a machine with a Vive demo running on it, and this in turn led people to speculate and get excited online about whether this could be Half-Life 3.

"It's news to us that the picture is out, but it's also news that this icon is on the screen," Greg Coomer, Valve communications specialist, said. "Honestly, those icons have floated around this office for quite a while. None of us are going to be able to tell you what that is or why that's there."

Gabe Newell added: "Some of the more childish members of our company have worn Half-Life 3 T-shirts to GDC."

Is it cruel to wind people up about a game that so many want to see, or is it a bit of innocent fun?


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