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Chernobylite's 1.0 release has been pushed back to Q2 2021

The developer promises that the game will, however, launch with more content.

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We have learned today that Chernoblyite has sadly joined Rider's Republic and Outriders in being one of the growing number of titles to be delayed in 2021. The game was initially scheduled for a Q1 2021 release (no exact date was announced), but now it has been pushed back into the second quarter of the year. Despite the setback, however, The Farm 51 has stated that the game will now be launching with more content at launch to make for an even better first impression for fans.

If you're unaware, Chernobylite is a sci-fi survival horror that sees you go on a journey to find your significant other after losing them within the Chernobyl Disaster three decades ago. The game launched in Early Access in October 2019, and its 1.0 release is expected to arrive on PC, PS4. PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The full statement on the delay reads:

"The first news is that despite the pandemics hitting the world pretty hard, we were developing the game right on the schedule (remember Roadmap?). But then again, we will have to wait for the final PC version until Q2 2021.

Why is that good news? Our plans have grown bigger. We have decided to hold the premiere and not to focus on delivering additional content AFTER the premiere - and the most crucial reason behind this decision is to be able to translate the game into more languages than we've previously promised. Thanks to cooperation with our publisher, All in! Games, the Chernobylite plot and interface will be additionally translated professionally into Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. Besides that, all language versions were fully rewritten and polished (stylistics mostly). As for the voiceovers (English & Russian) - we're re-recording them from scratch in a professional studio with professional voice actors.

Thanks to that, the overall experience coming from the game should become incomparably more exciting and immersive. Unfortunately, due to how big the game is (Chernobylite has multiple times more plot text lines than any of our previous titles), the process of adding and testing new translations is time-consuming and that's the reason we won't be able to finish and polish it in Q1 2021."


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