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Check out two different sides to FIFA 21

We tried to rewrite the Champions League's final, plus the first 25 minutes of Volta mode.

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Like many other players who subscribe to EA Play, we too have been playing FIFA 21, in our case so that we can share our opinion on the new edition of the football sim, but before that, how about two gameplay clips?

In the first one, see above, we tried to rewrite the outcome of the Champions League's final, taking control of PSG against Bayern, played on Legendary difficulty. We got off to a pretty good start, but as the saying goes, "in the end, the Germans always win"...

In the second video, you can watch the first 25 minutes of the Volta mode, with a cameo from Kaká himself. This part of the game has a completely different rhythm to the regular game, where each mistake costs dearly, as you can see in our video.

As for our review, you can look forward to it on October 6th.


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