Check out this upcoming Metal Slug mobile game

The game doesn't yet have an official title or release date.

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TiMi Studios has just shared footage for a brand new Metal Slug game that it is developing for Android and iOS devices. As of present, the game doesn't have an official title and it's not clear when it'll launch, but it looks to contain the same brand of arcade-like side-scrolling shooting that we all remember from the series.

A press release that we received details that game will feature destructible environments, epic boss battles, and a variety of different game modes.

Looking at the footage, it doesn't appear that the series has had to make too many sacrifices when coming to mobile, as it has always had a colourful and simplistic style. Having a Metal Slug game that we can easily play on the go certainly sounds alluring, but we will just have to see how well TiMi Studios can pull things off.

You can take a look at the new video in the video above.

Check out this upcoming Metal Slug mobile game

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