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Check out this Switch and Steam Deck crossover

All the performance of Valve's handheld, with the bright colours of Nintendo's.

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Dbrand has recently created a Steam Deck skin that makes the handheld PC look like its less-powerful cousin, the Nintendo Switch.

It gives the Steam Deck the classic blue and red Joy-Cons, though sadly you won't be able to rip them off the Steam Deck. There's even a blurred logo on the back that looks like a certain Nintendo hybrid machine.

You may look at this skin and think there's a Nintendo lawsuit incoming, but Dbrand has assured us that "the lawyers we paid to say it's legal have said it's legal." We don't know how that'll hold up in court, but Dbrand is no stranger to such trouble.

Will you be styling your Steam Deck in the look of a Nintendo Switch? Check out the skin here.

Check out this Switch and Steam Deck crossover

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