Pokémon Sword/Shield

Check out this huge Dragapult plush

Sadly, it's only out in Japan for the time being.

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It always seems like Japanese audiences get the coolest stuff, doesn't it? That certainly seems like the case, as today an oversized 100cm Dragapult plush has been revealed, and it only appears to be releasing in Japan. The plush looks adorable too, as it faithfully captures Darapult's menancing stare and has two Dreepys on either sides of its head.

If you're unaware, Dragapult debuted in Pokémon's eighth generation and is a dual dragon and ghost type. Since Sword and Shield launched back in 2019, Dragapult has become a fan favourite due to its impressive stats and Pseudo-legendary status.

Below are a few images of the plush that were shared by Twitter user Shisui:

Pokémon Sword/ShieldPokémon Sword/ShieldPokémon Sword/Shield
Twitter user Shisui

Thanks, Comic Book.

Twitter user Shisui

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