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Check out this first look at the SNES Classic Mini

It's the American version, but our nostalgia has still been activated.

We already knew as of last month that the SNES Classic Mini is officially on the way, and in a new video posted by GameXplain, we've got a look at the new console. Unfortunately the video doesn't show any games being played, but at least we get an idea of the size and shape of the hardware, which is the American version in this video.

As we already know, the console will hit the European market on September 29 and will come with 21 games, including the brand new Star Fox 2. On top of this we also know that the controller cable will be longer than the ones for the NES Classic Mini, and Nintendo has assured us that they will produce more consoles this time around. If you haven't secured a unit yet, however, it might be too late, as it took only 30 minutes for Amazon UK to run out of stock after they opened for pre-ordering.

If you'd rather see what the console looks like in European format, take a look at the pictures down below. Can this top the NES Mini?

Check out this first look at the SNES Classic MiniCheck out this first look at the SNES Classic Mini

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