Check out this cancelled Black & White DS game

Black & White Creatures sadly never become a reality.

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Even with the best of intentions, some projects sadly never make it over the finish line. One canned game that has recently resurfaced online is Black & White Creatures, which was being developed by Lionhead for the Nintendo DS. Roughly 14-minutes of footage of an early build of the game has been uploaded for us to marvel at by YouTuber PtoPOnline.

If released, Black & White Creatures would have been the first entry in the Black & White series to debut on a handheld console. Both Black & White and Black & White 2 were released only for Mac and PC, and the series hasn't had a new entry since 2005.

Getting to see the game in action is intriguing, but unfortunately, details on its background are a little thin. We don't know when Liohead was working on the game, and it's unclear why the decision was made for it to be cancelled.

You can check out Black & White Creatures in all of its glory here.

Check out this cancelled Black & White DS game

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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