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Dark Souls II

Check out these Dark Souls rings

They're based on Havel's Ring and the Silvercat Ring.

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If you're a fan of Dark Souls, you probably know quite a few of the items (since using them is a pretty handy way of avoiding death and making your life easier), and two of these items, the Silvercat Ring and Havel's Ring, are being made in real life by Japanese company Torch Torch.

You can see the Silvercat Ring here which will be available between July and August, and Havel's Ring here, which is coming between August and September, both of which are priced at $155 USD (around £120.96). We can't guarantee they'll have their in-game effects, however, so don't expect fall damage reduction or an increase in maximum equip load.

Which other in-game rings do you want real versions of?

Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II

Thanks, VG247.

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