Borderlands 3

Check out these awesome Claptrap-inspired shoes

2K is currently offering a chance to win the shoes and Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition.

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A.O.V has just shared some gorgeous hand-painted shoes that have been fashioned after Borderlands' Claptrap. The shoes appear to be one of a kind as they only appear to be available within a giveaway and not for purchase on A.O.V's website. You can check out the making of the shoes here.

2K is currently offering a chance to win the shoes and a copy of Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition on Twitter. All you need to do is follow @getFANDOM, retweet the following tweet, and comment with your favourite Vault Hunter. The winner from the competition will be announced on January 22. The two things that should be noted, however, are that you need to be over eighteen to enter and the shoes appear to only be available in UK size 9.

Borderlands 3

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