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Check out the new Kijuju map from Umbrella Corps

There's a new Resident Evil in just three months.

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Capcom has announced some new info about the upcoming team-based shooter delving in to the Resident Evil universe this May. This time Capcom introduced a new map called Kijuju that is of course familiar to those who played Resident Evil 5.

Check out the info and pictures for the new map just below.

"The autonomous zone of Kijuju was the setting for Resident Evil 5, featuring a settlement that had been virtually wiped out by the Plaga bioterror infection. In Umbrella Corps, Kijuju will be a new battle zone that is also the biggest map in the game, with plenty of open areas and webbed underground passages to keep things interesting. As always, not only must you battle the other team, but each map includes other enemy threats that won't make for an easy win. In this case, you'll have to watch out for the infected Kijuju inhabitants called the Majini who are just as fierce and dangerous as you remember from Resident Evil 5!"

Umbrella CorpsUmbrella Corps
Umbrella CorpsUmbrella Corps
Umbrella Corps
Umbrella CorpsUmbrella Corps

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