Grand Theft Auto VI

Check out the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer recreated in GTA V

It was not better before.

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The internet hive mind often surprises us with its infinite creativity, like today when the Youtube channel RavenwestR1 published a new version of the first (and only) Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, this time made with the Grand Theft Auto V engine - and a couple of mods.

As GTA V was made back in 2013 and GTA VI won't be release until 2025, it's fair to say that you can really tell the age-difference between them, even if it's a really well made video. Take a look at what Grand Theft Auto VI could have looked like if it was announced a long time ago below. We've also included the real trailer further down if you wish to compare them.

Grand Theft Auto VIGrand Theft Auto VI
GTA V engine to the left, GTA VI engine to the right.

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