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Check out the almost-finished Super Nintendo World theme park

Summer opening plans seemingly remain untouched as Nintendo and Universal approach final stretch.

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Super Nintendo World is the amusement and theme park Nintendo and Universal are building together at the latter's Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, which will then be replicated in Florida, California, and Singapore, and which so far looks like a dreamland for many gamers and fans. This first park was scheduled to be finished and even opened to the public in Summer 2020 already, in time for the now-cancelled Olympics.

And now, Japan has been literally halted in terms of activity and business due to the COVID-19 crisis, the latest pictures hitting the interwebs suggest construction goes according to original plans and the project might be almost complete in a matter of weeks. A top-down look provided by the aerial picture by imaiko02 shows a pretty finished the Mushroom Kingdom complete with hills, castles, and different areas full of finalised, already-painted elements and props.

It's worth mentioning that the Super Nintendo World experience is not just about walking (and jumping) around and enjoying the different rides, as it will also offer AR, wristband, and mobile-based activities and score tracking.

Will you visit the first Nintendo-based theme park? In which city?

Check out the almost-finished Super Nintendo World theme park

Via Themeparx.

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