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Assetto Corsa

Check out some Assetto Corsa + Fanatec gameplay

Watch a couple of clips with ClubSport V2.5 Wheelbase and V3 Pedals Inverted.

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We've been testing Fanatec's new high-end ClubSport V2.5 Wheelbase and V3 Pedals Inverted with several racing games, and found great results so far. The manufacturer's use of real car components and materials, along with the pretty smooth response of the brushless motor and the resistant and customisable brake makes for what is probably the best belt-drive solution in the market (just choose standard V3 pedals if you're more into formulas). It's their last step before entering the pro scene with Direct Drive bases, so it's a pretty exciting time.

We captured the following videos on Assetto Corsa for PC, but keep in mind force feedback options are way more limited on consoles, and also that the setup is not supported by PS4. Whereas the ClubSport V2.5 is supported by both PC and Xbox One, the Formula Black racing wheel is PC-only, and the second clip uses the Xbox Universal Hub, which is compatible with Microsoft's console. However, due to Sony's policy, this ecosystem is not compatible with PlayStation 4, hence Fanatec recently launched its dedicated PS4 CSL Elite Racing Wheel solution.

Are you excited for this new set up?


Even if inverted pedals are better suited for rally and turismo, here we feel the torque at 300+ km/h with a Lotus Exos T125 S1 and a Formula Black racing wheel, on the classic Monza high-speed circuit.


Here we try to get to grips with a Ferrari 458 Italia via an Xbox Universal Hub and a ClubSport wheel rim, on the Mugello racing track.

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