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Check out our ice-cold video review of Frostpunk

We've survived the latest cold snap long enough to review 11 bit's next game.

Frostpunk is out in the cold now after years spent in warm incubation over at 11 bit Studios (the same studio that gave us This War of Mine), and this last week or so we've been playing the dev's newest thought-provoking strategy game, which is set in the UK in an alternate take on Victorian-era London, after the planet has been engulfed in a terrible ice age. For a more fulsome and detailed review you can head this way, but our video review should tell you everything you need to know about this challenging, oftentimes harsh title that has players making difficult life and death decisions.

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REVIEW. Written by Sam Bishop

"A tense strategy game that requires your constant focus, since every choice could have dire consequences for you and your people."

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