The Night is Grey

Check out new adventure game The Night is Grey

It's a survival story about a man and a girl in a strange forest, and it's being developed by a Portuguese studio.

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Whalestork is a new Portuguese video game studio, and The Night is Grey is the team's first project, with the game scheduled for release in 2021 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. The Night is Grey is a classic-style adventure with 2D graphics and point and click mechanics.

The premise focuses on Graham and Hanna, a man and a child who must try to survive in a forest infested with wolves. Apparently something strange is happening in this particular forest, and the animals that live there are starting to exhibit some unusual behaviour.

For now, that's all we known about The Night is Grey, but go ahead and check the first teaser and screens below.

The Night is GreyThe Night is Grey
The Night is Grey
The Night is GreyThe Night is GreyThe Night is Grey

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