Check out Microsoft's E3 conference here on Gamereactor

The fun begins at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST.

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It's now day two of E3, and the floor is Microsoft's next. Traditionally this is one of the biggest conferences of E3 week, and we will undoubtedly hear much about Xbox and all the latest games. The conference is set to start at 5.30pm BST/ 6.30pm CEST but, as always, we'll start up half an hour earlier to share our opinions on what we hope to see. How much will we learn about the titles we already know of, and how much more will we find out about the leaked Xbox One Slim? Head over to the GR Live page and come chat with us while we talk about everything the Xbox conference will have to offer.

Check out Microsoft's E3 conference here on Gamereactor

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