Check out Gamereactor's new racing-sim rig

Join us for a tour of our state of the art racing rig.

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We first started with a Playseat, a Logitech G25 and a TV, around 14 or 15 years ago. We then moved on to a Rennsport Cockpit from Fanatec and a Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel at the same time as Forza Motorsport 4 was released. A couple of years after that we moved on to a GT Track Cockpit and a Motion V3 Platform from Next Level Racing and three Philips gaming monitors.

Now, in the past year, we have been switching those components for the Simrig SR1-rig and the DD2-wheel from Fanatec together with Heusinkveld Sprint-pedals and three LG C9 55" OLEDs. Thus the fourth racing-sim rig is finally finished and the guys over at Gamereactor Sweden are spending some serious time inside the Sparco seat, even as we speak.

In the video below, Swedish editor-in-chief and racing sim-fanatic Petter Hegevall talks you through the system, how it works, what every single component is, and how we are looking forward to using this when reviewing racing games in the future.

Check out Gamereactor's new racing-sim rig
Photos & video by Niklas Sundin.

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