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FAR: Lone Sails

Check out gameplay from FAR: Lone Sails

Heading to PC this May with a console release to follow at a later date.

Looking a bit of post-apocalyptic fun to pass the time? Then you may want to check out the first full-length gameplay trailer for the upcoming FAR: Lone Sails, a game which will see release on May 17 for PC, and at a later date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is a vehicle adventure game where you are basically using a boat in spite of the fact that the oceans have dried out. This has of course led to the collapse of civilisation as we know it in what seems to be a really interesting game. Check out below, further down is the description of the game from Steam.

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"Traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a decaying civilization. Keep your unique vessel going, overcome numerous obstacles and withstand the hazardous weather conditions. How far can you make it? What will you find?"

Does FAR: Lone Sails pique your interest?

FAR: Lone SailsFAR: Lone Sails

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