Check out all the highlights from the Elite Series' first week

Season 3 has started with a bang.

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The Gfinity Elite Series has just started its third season this past weekend, with more teams coming in than ever before competing over FIFA 18, Rocket League, and Street Fighter V, and now Gfinity has been kind enough to provide us with highlight videos for each of these games, including the best of the action from across the weekend.

In FIFA 18 Hashtag United's Ryan and Agge made it a great start for their organisation with two wins, and EnVy had similar luck with their victory over exceL. It was a different story for heavy-hitters Unilad though, as Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing took a loss to Epsilon's Akima 'Fully' Byron, which meant his teammate Shaun 'Shellz' Springette's win only salvaged a point for the team.


In Rocket League Vitality got a 3-1 win over Nordavind to start their campaign right, and it was a much closer affair between Hashtag and EnVy, which narrowly swung EnVy's way 3-2. Epsilon also brought the excitement when they beat Ares 3-0, the same margin by which Method beat Unilad in the last match of the weekend.


In Street Fighter V newbies Fnatic got off to a great start with a 4-0 win over Epsilon, as did Ares, who had their own 4-1 victory over Unilad. Nordavind made up for their loss in Rocket League with a dominant display over exceL, however, and reigning champions EnVy still looked solid after a 4-1 opening win over Vitality.


Does this first week bode well for the rest of the competition?

Photo: Gfinity

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