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Ted Lasso

Check out a sneak peek at Ted Lasso season 3

"I'll be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Except I won't die immediately after using my stinger."

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It's less than a week now until we get to feast our eyes once more on Ted Lasso. With the wait becoming ever shorter, we've recently got a look at the first clip of the upcoming season.

The short clip only lasts for about a minute, but it shows Rebecca, Higgins, and Ted all discussing how they can get AFC Richmond the big win this season. Rebecca appears to want to bring in some new players, but Ted is resistant.

After somewhat of a pep talk, it seems Ted is willing to fight to get AFC Richmond the top spot. We'll have to hope that works out for him this time around, as the third season of Ted Lasso will also be its last.

Are you excited for Ted Lasso season 3?

Ted Lasso

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