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Solium Infernum

Check out a first look at Solium Infernum's gameplay

The strategy game will be getting technical previews in the coming weeks as well.

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League of Geeks, the developer behind the upcoming strategy game, Solium Infernum, has shown off the first batch of gameplay for the title. Revealed over the weekend, the trailer gives us a look at the sorts of action and chaos that will be in store when the title arrives, and even gives a sneak peek at the UI and how the game board works.

To add to this, as part of an accompanying Steam Blog post, the developer noted that Solium Infernum will be getting technical previews in the coming weeks and months, meaning players can register their interests in potentially getting to play the game ahead of its launch at an unannounced date in the future.

Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below.

Solium Infernum

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