Need for Speed Heat

Check Need for Speed Heat's day and night gameplay

From fleeing from the fuzz at night to racing clean in the daytime, there's a lot to see in this new video.

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Ghost Games is preparing the latest entry in the Need for Speed series, called Need for Speed Heat, but before it races our way on November 8, PlayStation Underground has shared a video showcasing almost half-an-hour of gameplay.

Of course this includes plenty of time on the road in a variety of cars, both at night and in the daytime, showcasing the two sides of the coin. You see, you need to evade the police when the sun sets, but in the daylight you earn more legitimate racing reputation.

On top of that, the video also gives us a sense of the story behind the cars, including cutscenes and the various characters on the street with you.

Are you ready to return to Need for Speed?

Need for Speed Heat

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