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Cheaters captured in Titanfall

We captured some footage of speedy hackers in the Titanfall beta.

We're all pretty much playing the Titanfall beta among the editorial staff, but last night on PC our Danish colleague Rasmus Lund-Hansen happened upon some opponents that were a lot quicker than they were supposed. Clearly, there is some sort of cheating in the works.

Thankfully he had Fraps handy and was able to document some of the cheating bastards. Sadly the quality of the video isn't top notch (no time to fiddle with settings when trying to catch a cheater in the act), but you can still see that something is wrong. Titans aren't meant to move like that...

We're streaming more Titanfall on Gamreactor Live starting at 3:00pm GMT today. We'll be playing on Xbox One so hopefully it will be free of cheaters.

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