roddan1: Hi Mike
Shikyo: Hello!
Indiankobran: Good afternoon!
Lauritzen94: hey bats
roddan1: Hi Dori and Bengt. Hello everyone
Indiankobran: Wait, story? As in single player?
Lauritzen94: hey
Dóri Halldórsson: Hey
roddan1: Which Need For Speed: Underground do you think is the best? Have not played one or number two
Indiankobran: When is E3 again?
roddan1: in the begining of june
Adoo: Hi GR
roddan1: Hi
Indiankobran: Who from GR is going this year?
Adoo: Looks great
Adoo: Its not gameplay... just in-game, but still looks great
Xalie: hi
L3gof: Nice atmosphere for a Need for Speed game
Adoo: Bloodborne!!
Xalie: have you guys played the witcher 3?
Adoo: YEs
Dóri Halldórsson: Yeah
Dóri Halldórsson: Really enjoying it
Xalie: witcher 3 on pc is epic
Adoo: The graphics in witcher 3 is the best I have seen this console gen.
Xalie: adoo if its just 40-50 % of pcs i bet its great graphic wise
roddan1: Hope Bioware announce Mass Effect 4 at E3 :)
Indiankobran: Im not that good at waiting for stuff so Im ok with it comming out sooner rather then later.
Adoo: The comparisons Console vs PC videos I have seen looks very similar..
Xalie: indian what up played w 3?
Xalie: adoo i dont care just the gameplay is top notch as it is
Adoo: Yes :)
over: Hello peeps
roddan1: hi
Xalie: just i find w 3 weird, that you get a contract in lvl 4 i velen that is lvl 33
Adoo: Borderlands 3 2017
Adoo: 2018
Xalie: adoo also i found diagrams to gear i first can use in lvl 27 in lvl 4 in a cave i found it in
over: no levine no bioshock !
Indiankobran: I really hope its Bioshock.
over: i dont
Adoo: OMG Bioshock... a upotia set in the 70, on the moon. Done.
over: ^^
Adoo: Utopia*
Xalie: i want fallout 4
over: Damn a bioshock on the moon would be epic
over: but i want it to be 80s then
Xalie: over or on mars
Indiankobran: I want Arkham Knight but luckly that has already been announced.
Adoo: We haven't been on the moon since 77.
Xalie: indian i mean annoced :P
Xalie: you guys think half life ep 3 ever come?
over: So you mean biochock need to be historically correct ?
over: :P
roddan1: Dori, Bengt: Whitch game do you really hope beeing announce on E3?
Adoo: No I was wrong last time was 1972
over: still doesnt mather since biochock isnt based in reality
Xalie: but over is the moon not kinda small for a game?
Adoo: historically plausibel
over: no, rapture is not that big so i thinkk it could work
Adoo: I also want GTA5 story DLC... soon
over: The only think i want is Alan Wake 2 or Red dead redemption 2, or that Remedy buys back Max payne and makes a max payne 4
over: thing*
Adoo: I blinked
roddan1: haha
Adoo: Play it again
roddan1: best trailer ever:)
Adoo: The "Trailer" is shorter than a gif..
roddan1: What are your expectations for AC: Syndicate?
Adoo: I don't think Doom can be scary and fast paced as the old ones, at the same time...
Adoo: Wolfenstein was good, just make it like that.
Indiankobran: Do you think the PS4 will be able to handle Morphius in a good way?
Indiankobran: And will "Project Morphius" be the fina name?
Adoo: PT would have been a amazing launch title for Project Morpheus
over: In a good way, no.
over: handle it, yes
Adoo: I like the name, just call it Morpheus
roddan1: 3D verion.2.0 zzzz
over: oculus is gonna be more fun
over: with a PC
Adoo: why?
roddan1: aha
over: M O D S
Adoo: Have tried Oculus, its good, but I get sick using the controller.
over: every game could be made to use oculus
Adoo: Not every game is good with VR
Adoo: You get sick real quick, to much movement
over: no
over: i dont get sick
over: thats different from person to person
Indiankobran: If VR would come to Arkham Knight I would never have to buy another game.
over: i just want VR and Arma and dayz :D
Adoo: Have not tried a 3.person game with VR
Xalie: vr league of legends XD
Xalie: or vr zelda
Adoo: If Ni No Kuni 2 get announced at E3, I will die.
Adoo: Heart attack...
Xalie: will there be a ni no kuni 2?`
Adoo: Hope so.
Xalie: in my eyes they should waited with ni no kuni to ps4
Adoo: It was the best JRPG last gen.
Xalie: yeah but would reviwed jrpgs at ps if they waited to realease it on ps4
Xalie: revie*
Xalie: in my eyes ni no kuni would been better on ps4.. if they had done that i bet ps4 had even sold much more then now
Adoo: Im fine with it being on PS3.. but maybe a remastered version could be cool to. And then Ni No Kuni 2 right after.
Xalie: adoo not my point the point in jrpg wise i had been a better plan for them and sony to realeease it on ps4 insteadt of ps3 :)
Xalie: even gamespot said that
Adoo: hmm.. I can see you point. I think you are right. Imagine if it was a launch title...
Lauritzen94: they surely must have something up thier sleeve
Adoo: Never play sports game..
Lauritzen94: A sad story
Lauritzen94: I so hope someone is gonna swing by and, work with their ideas
Adoo: Hope Hideo Kojima starts a Hilent Hill Kickstarter..
Adoo: Silent Hill*
Lauritzen94: But doesnt konami own the rights for silent hills
Adoo: Yes but same concept (P.T.), just call it something else.
Lauritzen94: Yeah
Indiankobran: I would hate to be one of those people who payed thousands of dollars for a PS4 with PT installed if they decided to put it back on PSN.
Lauritzen94: HAHA!
Lauritzen94: That would suck, a bunch
Adoo: Its not coming back.
roddan1: Konami, plz do new Castlevania.
Lauritzen94: #ByeBengt
Adoo: Konami is done with console games... its mobile from now on for them.. sadly..
Lauritzen94: Lets see, that would be sad, but its not looking too bright
Adoo: Roddan1: Bloodstained is for you! :D Its on Kickstarter.
roddan1: But that is in 2D right?
Adoo: Yes
Adoo: Its very much like Castlevenia: SOTN
Adoo: Its made by one of the key people behind Castlevenia
roddan1: Want a third person Castlevenia in a beautiful, and dark world.
L3gof: Im on Xbox One :/
Adoo: Made by fromsoft?
roddan1: Goodbye all, have a nice weekend :)
Lauritzen94: You too
Dóri Halldórsson: Later
Adoo: I'm leaving too. Have a nice weekend. See you all monday :)
Lauritzen94: Bye
nickholmberg: happy xursday Dori! ;)
nickholmberg: hold the scorch canon shot in and turn it into a mine
L3gof: would join if i played on ps4 :)
L3gof: im on xbox
nickholmberg: I can join if you want
L3gof: yea it needs a lot of hours to get high lvl :)
L3gof: I played on Xbox one for 2 and 1/2 week and are already lvl 33 :D