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Sophia Yhlen: Test
Indiankobran: Good afternoon!
Dóri Halldórsson: hey!
Indiankobran: Im going to cut right to the case: How are the trophies in this game and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
Dóri Halldórsson: haha
Indiankobran: Do you have any plans to test Demon's Souls in any of theese thursday streams? I think that could be cool.
Dóri Halldórsson: I¨ll float that idea
Indiankobran: Awesome.
Indiankobran: That could give a couple of more spider moments.
Dóri Halldórsson: haha
kubris: Hi Sophia ;)
kubris: How long does the game take to complete?
kaboka: Love this game, hope we see The last guardian some day :p
Indiankobran: So who does Troy Baker voice in this game?
kubris: I love the mechanics of the horse. Really ahead of its time
over: @Indian. EVERYONE !
kubris: Beautiful music. Really takes you back :D
over: e3 2015 1111
over: !!!!*
kaboka: Will be fun to see if Last guardian will be PS3, PS4 or crossgen, you never know with japanease developers :p
over: nope no ps3 title
over: they said that they left it behind
kubris: It's been in development hell for so long, it'll prolly release on PS5
kubris: It's me - Simon :)
over: @kubris, you realy think so soon ?
over: really*
kubris: Dunno. My dreams of that game are crushed beyond recognition. I've accepted that it might not even come out :(
kaboka: the game have never been annonced for PS4 just look on the wiki pages :p
over: nope it has not, but there have been news about them dropping it for ps3
kaboka: still roumers
kubris: So much change during the developement game is rarely good news.
kubris: of a game*
kaboka: idd not :p
kaboka: It will come out in a bundle with HL3
kaboka: ^^
kubris: lol
over: prolly ^^
kubris: Word
kaboka: Rime looks like an interresting game it reminds me of Shadow of the colossus, Ico and journey, hope that game will bring some of the same :)
kubris: This game is a classic. Aesthetically splendid, amazing gameplay, emotionally stirring <3
over: yeah it reminds me od shadow in the way that it will never come out :D
over: i was revealed 2 years ago
kubris: kaboka - true
kubris: I've never loved a horse so much
over: so what rockstar game do you think will be reveald this year ?
kubris: QUESTION - Who's you favourite boss?
kaboka: Would be cool if the new open world zelda would have colossus like fight
kaboka: Hmm GTA V expansions and maby Red dead?
over: there are so many good games rockstar have
kubris: Yeah bird boss is awesome
over: Max payne, red dead, agent, la noire......
kubris: Have you played ICO?
kubris: You have to be at a certain distance from him
kubris: Make him walk directly towards you
kubris: He looks kinda derp
kubris: How do you gain more stamina?
kubris: Is this a skill you can develope?
kubris: The grip
kubris: If anyone likes this game they should try DRAGON'S DOGMA
over: think this is comming to PS NOW
kubris: Or vice versa
over: dont think there will be a HDDDDDDD.... version ^^
kubris: Sorry, didn't get the question. My fav what? :)
kubris: Challenge-wise: Last boss
kubris: Aesthetically: The long guy with derp face
kubris: I love how you sort of connect with the colossi. Killing them seems kind of a shitty thing, when you're the one trespassing their land.
Emil_Nissen: You feel bad after each Kill
kubris: Totally
chornum: I think the lizards usually hide at the shrines.
kubris: Yeah, the white-tailed ones
chornum: This one was my favorite, watching it move around, and trying to figure out how to get on it.
chornum: same here.
Intellivision: Skål!
chornum: There is an easier way to get on the horse, but i cant remember how.
Indiankobran: Hi again!
Indiankobran: Trophy!
Emil_Nissen: Nooo.. Some day.... Some day I will make it. Some day I will escape the black tentacles.
Indiankobran: So how are the trophies in this game and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
Indiankobran: Have you platinumed any game yet Sophia?
Indiankobran: Yeah, sorry. I had to go for a while.
Indiankobran: Does the difficulty trophies stack?
Dóri Halldórsson: no idea on that
Indiankobran: Hehe ok. They usually are but in some games they don't for whatever reason.
Indiankobran: That horse moves very well for a PS2 game.
Indiankobran: Remasterd or not.
Indiankobran: So do you have a streaming scedule ready for next week yet?
chornum: It moves awfull in close quarters, worse then Red Dead Redemption.
Indiankobran: Yep, that horse just had a stroke.
Indiankobran: Oh cool!
Indiankobran: Mäki is down for a beating.
Indiankobran: You have started playing Destiny for real now?
Dóri Halldórsson: On and off :P Killing Floor 2 just dropped so I´m spending most of my time on that :p
Indiankobran: Ah yeah I see but still. Nick and Centclip are still trying to make me buy it but there are so many games to play now.
Indiankobran: It saw you and now its mad? That eal has a very low temper.
Indiankobran: All right. Sorry I could'nt be here for the whole thing but thanks for the stream!
Dóri Halldórsson: Thanks for joining!