Shikyo: Hey!
Dóri Halldórsson: Hey
Grundtvig2203: hey guys
over: hello
Shikyo: okay the intro was amazing
Shikyo: aw i want that game!
Grundtvig2203: I want the bear
Grundtvig2203: thnig
Centclip: Awsome, i cant fucking watch it on the ipad, im out of here
Shikyo: yeah he's so cute!
Grundtvig2203: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bSrKAKbF0 cent? on youtube
Shikyo: so this is exclusive on xbox?
Shikyo: man, i still can't access my steam account..
over: its on PC aswell
Grundtvig2203: we are playing on pc :)
over: i want this game so bad, but dont have any money atm
over: anyone wanna buy a kidney ?
Shikyo: same here.. or a xbox or steam...
Shikyo: damn.. its windows only.. ofc
over: yeah ofc
Chapzu: D: so saaaaaaaaaaaaad
Shikyo: what happened to the bear?
Lauritzen94: what platforms are this game out on?
Shikyo: xbox an pc.....
Lauritzen94: okay cool thx
Shikyo: nooooo :(
Shikyo: it really pains me that i can't play this game at all.. :/
Lauritzen94: you just need to get an xbox
Shikyo: i have one... but its kinda broken xD
Lauritzen94: kinda broken, haha
Shikyo: and i refuse to spend money on it to repairs :b
Delpan: Hi GameReactor :) have a question.... the intro, i saw Ori with that fostermother thing :) and the place was green and well, then i went out grabbing coffee during the prologue :)
Delpan: When i came back it was all dark, what caused the world to suck? :)
Delpan: What did i miss
Delpan: Thats a sad story :/
Delpan: Letting the fostermother die during 2 minutes of gameplay :D i dont have the nerves to play this game ^^
Lauritzen94: Yeah I get that
sejefyr: Hey Dori and Sophia
Shikyo: hey jesper :b
sejefyr: Hey Tanja
sejefyr: and of course the rest of the viewers :)
Lauritzen94: hey seje¨
Delpan: Next question :D Most of the reviews out there comment on the "difficulty" of this game, what are your thoughts on that? too hard? Cause it looks durable sofar :) dont know if the difficulty suddenly improves a lot...
Theman007: That is one good game
Shikyo: srsly, love the music
Lauritzen94: im off see ya all
Theman007: Cant tell if this game includes coop/if you are playing coop
Shikyo: bye lau
thosol01: Really good!
thosol01: Looks really gorgeus I have to buy this
thosol01: gorgeous*
Delpan: The game looks really good, the music and environment feel is absolutely amazing :) the gameplay too.... just hope that the PS4 eventually get this :D if Microsoft jumps down from their high horse ;)
Delpan: But i doubt it :P
roddan1: Hi everybody!
Dóri Halldórsson: Hey!
roddan1: Dori, Sofie: Do you think it will come a Ps4 version of the game in a near future?
roddan1: Nooo its so easyyy:)
Grundtvig2203: if it was me playing, the pc was on its way out of the window ;)
roddan1: When is next stream? Missed to many:(
Grundtvig2203: tomorrow news + destiny
roddan1: forgot the new
roddan1: news
roddan1: bye all
Delpan: bye all, and thanks for the show :) it was great.... looks like a must have, must own game :)