Charla: Indies have "fundamentally changed the games industry"

We talked to the [email protected] boss during Nordic Game.

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We spoke to the [email protected] boss, Chris Charla, at the Nordic Game conference a little while back, and he had lots to say about the indie development program that he has led for nearly three years now, including how he thinks indie games have changed the industry.

We asked Charla what he thought about the growth of the indie games industry and his opinion on it. "I really think that independent developers have fundamentally changed the games industry," he said. "They've fundamentally changed the games we see, the kind of games we play; it used to be the game industry and [separately] there were sort of indies, but now there's just 'Video Games' and it's really awesome to see."

Another thing we were curious about was whether or not the announcement a little while back about cross-platform play also extended to indie games on Xbox One. We've already seen Rocket League become amongst the first cross-platform games, even if you can't connect directly to PS4 players.

"So, any game that's on Xbox One can do cross play with Windows 10 using Xbox Live, and at GDC we also announced that cross-platform play is a thing aswell. If a developer wants to connect their game to a game from some other network, they can do that as well. It's really up to them."

You can check out our entire interview with Charla below, where he spoke at length about indie titles on Xbox.

Charla: Indies have "fundamentally changed the games industry"
Charla would not commit to a release date for Cuphead.

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