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Metro Redux

Changing too much in Metro Redux would have been a "mean trick"

We talk to global brand manager Huw Beynon about what changes were made with Metro Redux and the story remains untouched for the most part.

We chat of the behind the scenes work that goes into E3 as well as the nitty grits of Metro Redux with global brand manager Huw Beynon.

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Metro Redux was present in a lot of places during E3 in the Deep Silver booth, in the Microsoft booth, in the Square Enix booth (North American distributor) and over at the Alienware booth. Global Brand Manager Huw Beynon, who's been working on the franchise since back in the THQ days, continuously worked his way around to each of the locations the game was being shown. Good thing we managed to catch up to him, eh?

"We wanted to make the definitive version," says Beynon. "We've been able to do certain things such as stitching a few levels together, the tech means that we can produce larger levels, scenes that were broken up in the first game. And we've put a few little secrets, some areas that were maybe blocked off last time you can now explore and you might find something more. But we didn't want to put too much more in. We didn't want to fundamentally change the story or make people feel like you have to now experience this new one. Because I think that's a bit of a mean trick."

Metro Redux is set for release late this summer and you'll be able to decide whether to buy the games separately or as a package. And if you already own the old version on Steam you'll get 50% off. Beynon also confirmed that each game comes with its own full set of achievements and trophies.

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