Rainbow Six: Siege

Changes to R6 Pro League created "stable and mature ecosystem"

We spoke to Alex Remy at the Six Major.

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Rainbow Six: Siege's brand director Alex Remy is someone we've talked to extensively about the game and its esports scene in the past, and during the Six Major in Paris this weekend we asked about how happy Remy is with the changes made to the Pro League.

"I think we've clearly introduced and met the objectives that we set with the new structure and format of the Pro League," he said. "We've made the biggest changes in esports [for] Rainbow Six three months ago, the League is now six months, we changed the map format with the pick and ban, we changed the veto map, we've added the Minors and the Majors; more layers. All of this, that was the bet, the intention, to create what? More fair, competitive scene. More entry points and more LANs so pro and aspiring pros - thanks to the Minors - can actually have a chance to compete at the best level and compete as much as possible."

"And what we're seeing is stability is growing, player salaries and compensation and duration are better than they were before, and the teams, the roster of players, are usually stabilising, and we've seen a big influx of those top-tier organisations - you know, Liquid, NiP, Fnatic - that are now in the game which, honestly, six or seven months ago we didn't have at all. So you see how much those changes to the League, to the match format, is creating the right ground and playground to actually build a stable and mature ecosystem, so no regrets whatsoever. Some tweaks are gonna be happening as always [...] but we are very, very happy with the early results."

Do you like the Pro League format as it stands?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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