Halo 5: Guardians

Changes are coming to the Halo Championship Series

In autumn Europe can look forward to format changes and more.

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The summer season of the Halo Championship Series is already underway, but we've found out some details about changes coming to the EU Halo Championship Series in autumn, some of which look to shake things up dramatically.

There are three goals outlined for the whole thing, firstly, which are:
"Add a premium open LAN for the European community to call their own and rally behind; Refresh the format to unite the European competitors in an open system; and Continue to tell the heroic stories of players and teams through regular, high quality broadcasts and coverage of European Halo." All of these have been developed in collaboration with Halo players and teams, and a roadmap has also been provided giving specifics about the changes.

There's weekly online cups scheduled for the autumn season, and a new partnership with Gfinity means that there will be a LAN event at their arena as part of this season. Any number of teams can register for the online tournaments, but the open LAN event will be capped at 32 total teams, with a prize pool of $25,000 USD. There's also going to be a free-for-all competition with a $5,000 prize pool as well.

The top three teams from HCS London will get to go to the championship bracket of the Fall 2017 Finals at DreamHack Denver from October 20 to 22, and there'll be an online qualifier to secure a spot there too.

That's not all that's changing however, as there's big changes to format. Here's what the press release had to say: "In Europe, we'll be replacing the HCS Pro League and HCS Open Circuit leagues with a unified league which will be named the EU Halo Championship Series, similar to when the HCS first launched in 2014. The EU scene is filled with many passionate and talented players, and we hope this change will excite players and teams while maintaining and even increasing the competitiveness of the of the entire scene. Additionally, we believe these changes will promote a healthy ecosystem for players and organizations in the scene."

As a part of this, all teams will compete together online and in-person for HCS points, with tournaments seeded using these points. Online cups will be split over two days, featuring both an open and a legendary bracket as well, but HCS London will feature just one open bracket.

More details on all of this will be coming in the next few weeks, but what do you make of these changes thus far?

Halo 5: Guardians

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