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Featured: CES 2022 Coverage

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

We all love our MiniLED TVs, gaming laptops, and ANC earphones, but here's the best of the best of the other inventions.

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2022 comes to an end today (a day earlier than planned due to the pandemic circumstances) and, despite the difficulties that came with its hybrid format, it gave fans of tech and gadgets a lot of info to chew over. We at Gamereactor, as usual, have covered the most interesting stories about gaming, gear and entertainment at our CES dedicated page, but if you're looking for the quirkier, more bizarre or out of the box inventions, stay around and read on, as here we've collected a bunch of the funniest products and announcements we've come across during the past few days.

A wearable air purifier

When we thought Xbox Series X-like room air purifiers were trendy, the Taiwanese ible Airvida comes to purify our air... individually. The Airvida E1 look like slightly-retro earphones, but other than giving you the clearest NC sound, they're meant to clean the air you breath, removing pollution and pesky micro-organisms in the process. The Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology, they say, gets rid of "coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergen, and bacteria".

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

An outdoor, screenless gaming console for kids

No screen, no 'video' games, right? Right. We loved the 90's feel of Picoo's Introduction video (yeah, we rather watch it in Dutch), and to be honest the whole idea behind it. The system, by using several PS Move-like controllers, proposes different games and activities based on outdoor physical interaction. Think tech-enhanced versions of Whack-a-Mole and Hide-and-Seek, as the Picoo controllers connect between them and can also scan cards or download more games via an app.

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[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

A Smart Perfume you can switch on the fly

Yes, in case you want to go from "corporate meeting" to "casually just had a shower" and then to "lover passion". NINU's solution promises to allow you to "switch between fragrances instantly via AI-enhanced app", meaning you carry a 100-in-1 scents bottle. And how does it work? The Slovenian company explains that the Bluetooth-connected spray bottle hides three separate 25 ml cartridges "that contain different, but complementing bases inside", ready to be mixed and sprayed once you've decided your scent of choice among "dozens of varieties and intensities".

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[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

An emission-free flying car

Speaking of flying, the Japanese SkyDrive demoed its ultra-light and compact flying vehicle, the Model SD-03, that has now completed its testing for piloted flight. Their idea couldn't sound more "Back to the Future"-ish, as it promises to "take off from and land in your parking lot and helipads atop buildings, making door-to-door air travel a realistic choice of daily urban transportation". That or emergency rescue, considering its "superb stability". They're as serious as the SD-05 will be presented as an air taxi for World Expo 2025 in Osaka...

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

A sonic gadget that brushes your teeth in 10 seconds

The French-born Y-Brush was known before, but at CES 2022 the new iteration of the sonic toothbrush was unveiled adding several new features. The device allows you to brush your teeth in just 10 seconds via the sonic vibration of 4,000 nylon filaments, and the new model (still a prototype) comes in better shape for better grip, supports induction recharging, and requires less movement by the user. However, Satisfyer-style, what we find even more exciting is that it now comes with 6 vibration modes catering to different purposes and sensitivities. In the meantime, a Bluetooth-connected app can "send personalized recommendations to the user while brushing", but we're not sure we'll pay any attention in 10 seconds. Gotta go fast!

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

Somebody forgot his auto-tinting sunglasses?

Switching glasses will be more and more trendy in 2022, and proof of that are the two picks that made it to our top. On the one hand, coming from China, we have Wicue's Auto-Dimming Smart Ski Goggles, that are meant for the snowy sport. By using flexible liquid crystal film technology, the goggles are able to switch tint depending on sunlight in just 0.1 seconds. On the other hand, from Israel, Deepoptics introduced their 32ºN Glasses... or sunglasses, as they can switch their liquid crystal layers between UV-protecting and near reading modes in a swipe, and everyone can add their own reading prescription by means of an app.

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

Volumetric fire and it's not a video game

Ukrainian Neverdark produces several types of eco fireplaces promising "no smoke, smell, or ash" as they're bioethanol-fed. Its latest development is the integration with Xiaomi's MI Home ecosystem for smart homes, allowing for app or voice control and to work together with other systems. But we just gotta love how passionate CEO Yaroslav Lysak is when saying "we are offering a real force of nature - volumetric fire" or "control of flame height, easy rechargeable and you are the lord of fire".

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

Finally, the Steambox, and it's not what you think

No, it's not a gaming PC curated by Valve. It's way more literal than that, as we're talking about a box with... steam in it. Think your regular lunch box, but this looks fancy and gets your food ready "anywhere, anytime". The also Dutch Steambox allows this by touching a button on either the box itself or via an app, and it takes 15 minutes to have your meal ready. It's a rechargeable system for up to three dishes and promises your food to "taste better than a microwaved meal".

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

And that's our selection for now, because we couldn't decide among the different smart collar solutions for kitties and puppies. Did you find anything crazy and cool at CES? Let us know in the comments below.

[CES] The top 8 coolest & craziest products from CES 2022

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