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Tomb Raider

CES Blog: Tomb Raider & Project Shield

We are approaching the end of the CES 2013, and the Convention Center in Las Vegas is starting to empty.

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It's a rather funny fact, considering the size of this international show. The three main halls, in fact, require at least five minutes of walking at a steady pace to be crossed. And, in addition to the Convention Center, there are other places of exhibition located in the LVH Hotel and in almost every luxury hotel scattered around the famous Las Vegas Strip.

As I wrote in the previous episodes of this blog, this year is all about Ultra High Definition. As a result, today we had the opportunity to see some new TVs, including an impressive OLED 4K screen by Sony and the world's first 8K TV by Sharp.

Tomb Raider

But today was also the day of our appointment with Crystal Dynamics and their game Tomb Raider, and our visit to see the new Project Shield by Nvidia.

With regard to the re-launch of Lara Croft, the big news announced at CES 2013 is the first multiplayer mode in a Tomb Raider game. In truth, as the producers of the game rightly pointed out, Lara has already experienced multiplayer in Guardians of Light, but this is the first multiplayer mode in one of the main games of the series.

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider