Payday 2

Celebrate the holidays Payday style with the Winter Wonderland update

There is both a free update and a paid DLC adding some new cosmetics.

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Starbreeze Studios and Overkill is ringing in the holidays and adding a dashing of festive spirit to its heisting game Payday 2, with the Winter Wonderland update. Set to be split into two main sections, the free Holiday update, and the paid Winter Ghosts Tailor Pack DLC, each offer some unique Xmas-themed goodies to get excited about.

As part of the free update, there will be a new Perk Deck being added, bringing the Leech Perk to the game, allowing you to heal yourself and your team by simply getting shot. On top of this, the free update is bringing a new Today Is Payday Too music track added, a couple of new weapon charms (Lightbringer and Bulbous Bauble), as well as a range of temporary Xmas items, such as throwable snowballs, and a Christmas tree and presents in the menu.

As for the paid Winter Ghosts Tailor Pack, this will cost $2.99 and will add four new masks, two new outfits, four more weapon colours, and four weapon charms, so you can further customise your Payday crew.

Take a look at everything coming in the Winter Wonderland pack at the blog post here.

Payday 2

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