Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt is officially done with Cyberpunk 2077

The Polish developer doesn't have any employees working on the game any more.

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The Polish powerhouse developer CD Projekt has affirmed that it is now done with Cyberpunk 2077. As part of the company's latest financial report, it's shown that no further developers are attached to the futuristic RPG and that all employees are engaged in future and ongoing projects instead.

This is a change that has been made in the two months between February 29, 2024 and April 30, 2024, as the 17 developers attached to Cyberpunk 2077 have been moved elsewhere. As to which games CD Projekt has staff committed to, the split can be seen below.

  • Project Polaris (The Witcher 4) - 407 developers - 65% of staff

  • Project Orion (Cyberpunk sequel) - 56 developers - 9% of staff

  • Project Sirius (The Witcher spin-off) - 39 developers - 6% of staff

  • Project Hadar (new franchise) - 20 developers - 3% of staff

  • Shared services - 96 developers - 15% of staff

  • Other projects - 13 developers - 2% of staff

Which upcoming CD Projekt title are you most excited for?

Cyberpunk 2077

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