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CD Projekt intends to release the next The Witcher trilogy within a six-year period

It will start with Project Polaris.

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As part of the strategy meeting yesterday by CD Projekt, the Polish games company outlined its plans for the future of The Witcher universe. As part of that development, we have been given an insight into what comes next with the upcoming trilogy of singleplayer open-world RPGs, and in that vein we're told that the first game will be known as Project Polaris, and that whenever it does arrive, the following two games will debut within a six-year period.

Otherwise, it's noted that the current stage of the project is pre-production, and that 150+ developers at CD Projekt Red are already attached and working on the games.

But that wasn't all The Witcher news that arrived, as it was also announced that Project Sirius will be offering up a multiplayer take on the world of The Witcher, and that this game will be coming from developer The Molasses Flood, who will be supported by CDPR in their efforts.

And last of all, if all of this wasn't enough to be excited about, Project Canis Major will be another singleplayer open-world RPG set within the world of The Witcher, which will be created by a third-party team made up of ex-Witcher veterans.

There has not yet been any word as to the release dates for either of these The Witcher projects.

CD Projekt intends to release the next The Witcher trilogy within a six-year period

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