Catholic priest arrested after using $40k of church funds to fuel Candy Crush, Mario Kart addiction

Video games are born of the devil, after all.

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A Catholic priest in Chester County, Pennsylvania USA has been charged with theft and other related crimes after he was caught using his parish credit card in order to purchase items and other microtransactions in mobile games.

Rev. Lawrence Kozak, aged 51, began his purchases using the card all the way back in 2019. In 2022, an investigation was launched and found he'd been spending vast amounts of money. The money was not spent on gambling, but instead used to gain advantages in the games he played, which were Mario Kart Tour and Candy Crush.

Kozak went to therapy in 2022 for his addiction, but it seems that he kept up his purchases all the same. He's since been released following his arrest after posting a $250,000 bail. Kozak denies intentionally using the parish cards, and says they were only used because they were already connected to his phone.

Detectives are less sympathetic to Kozak, and according to The Philadelphia Inquirer they say there was "no excuse, except that he wasn't paying attention and should have been."

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Catholic priest arrested after using k of church funds to fuel Candy Crush, Mario Kart addiction

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