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Catch 22

Catch 22 the game

This time it's you versus you.

Catch 22, a new game called from Mango Down, is coming to Facebook and mobile devices at the end of the month.

In the game you play against yourself, by controlling an orb circling a "Zen-like planet" and jumping to collect points, whilst avoiding a second orb. Upon collecting all the available pick-ups, you assume control of the second orb, repeating the process, but avoiding your original jumps as you go.

This dance continues as long as you're able to avoid yourself, all the while chasing high scores. As the developer's note: "Your solutions will become your problems again and again, in this infinite escape from your past."

Mac, Android, iOS and Facebook versions of the game are on the way (it's free on Facebook if you "like" it), with the game set to be submitted to the AppStore on the last day of the PAX Prime event, later this month.

Catch 22
Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22
Catch 22Catch 22
Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22
Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22Catch 22

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