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Friends vs Friends
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Cartoon card game shooter Friends vs Friends announced

We're waiting to hear more about a release date.

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You might think it's a unique combination of putting playing cards with first-person shooters, but most recently with Neon White and now with developer Brainwash Gangs' Friends vs Friends, the genre mix might be the start of a particularly unique trend in the gaming world, who knows? The developers themselves describe their game like this: "Friends vs Friends is a frantic, online PvP shooter that combines combat and deck building. Choose a character, build your deck, and test your friendship with the craziest card effects. Fast - Fun - Friends!"

With pastel-coloured cartoon animals, ultra-violence, and upbeat pop music, Friends vs Friends caught our interest aesthetically as well, so now we're just going to wait for a release date for this exciting indie title. Watch the trailer here!

Friends vs FriendsFriends vs FriendsFriends vs Friends

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