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Carlos Rodriguez has resigned from his CEO position at G2 Esports

This comes following a recent incident involving controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

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Just recently, G2 Esports has become wrapped up in a bit of scandal, where its CEO, Carlos Rodriguez was seen partying with the controversial - and in many places banned - influencer, Andrew Tate. That led to backlash from fans, from which Rodriguez responded by telling people that they cannot police the people he parties with. Needless to say, that didn't go well either.

As soon following this, G2 Esports and Rodriguez mutually agreed that the latter would take a non-paid leave from the company in the wake of his actions, but it seems like even this wasn't enough, as now G2 has revealed that Rodriguez has resigned from his position as CEO of the organisation.

"It's been a tough week for us all following the events of last weekend," said G2 Esports in a statement. "Today we received, and accepted, Carlos' announcement to step down as CEO of G2 Esports."

"As a global organization serving the world's most diverse fan-base, we take responsibility for our fans, employees, team members, and partners across the world. In this context, we want to underline that we do not support any form of misogyny. We continue to prioritise fostering inclusivity and supporting a diverse gaming community."

There has not been any mention as to who will be taking over the position of CEO for G2 Esports.

Carlos Rodriguez has resigned from his CEO position at G2 Esports

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