Fighters of Fate

Card battler Fighters of Fate looks like an anime 1v1 brawler

We talk to Pincer Games' Laia Bee about diversity and women in gaming.

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When Gamelab Montevideo wrapped up, a group of developers from Uruguay, Argentina, Spain and Germany gathered together for an outdoors asado, enjoying the almost-summer weather of the Southern Hemisphere. There we took the chance to sit down and catch up with Pincer Games' Laia Bee, who's also part of Girls in Tech Uruguay.

In the video interview below Laia shares Pincer Games' studio story, and also comments on the importance of finding the right publishing partner and of striving for good communication.

"Fighters of Fate is a CCG that looks like a PvP versus game", explains Laia, where they've put emphasis on "customisation of the characters, weapons and cards". The team collaborated with Okam Studio (theirs is the animated intro and art assets), and with additional talent from Chile and Argentina.


At the end of the video, Laia reviews her role in Girls in Tech Uruguay and how the industry could be more inclusive, something they've tried to pour into Fighters of Fate as well via pretty diverse character creation. "There's a lot of people out there that are not feeling represented and they don't want to be asked who they are or how they feel (...) we hope they can express themselves".

Fighters of Fate is finished and waiting for publisher Pebble Kick Inc. to fix a final release date. Pincer Games has already started working on its new IP, Scam Quest.

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