Carbine on future raids, new level 50 zone in Wildstar

We catch up with senior game designer Kathryn Megan Starks.

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Wildstar has just launched, and we recently caught up with senior game designer Kathryn Megan Starks about 40-player raids, a murder mystery adventure, and more.


"We're planning to do additional 20-man and 40-man raids, but we're also going to go back in our post-launch schedule and bosses and rooms to the raids that we have in the game already," says Starks.

"Within the first 30 days after the game ships we are opening up a new zone that is level 50, but it's going to have everything you'd expect from a zone," says Starks. "Tons of quests, not just daily quests, but quests, public events, like 20-man bosses, things like that."

Wildstar launched proper yesterday, and we're currently waiting on the reviewer to amass enough time on Nexus to be able to pen an honest review.

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