Capes is a XCOM-esque superhero strategy game where the supervillians won

The strategy game debuts next year, but it's demo is available to play right now.

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We've become used to superheroes always saving the day. But what happens when the supervillians win instead? This is precisely what Spitfire Interactive is looking to explore with its upcoming turn-based strategy game, Capes.

Capes is a tactical title that sees the player commanding a group of superheroes who are tasked with reclaiming a city from a group of supervillains that have taken it hostage and turned it into a dystopian nightmare. The idea will be to build a superhero team from a collection of unique characters that each have their own special powers and skills, and to then complete a ton of activities and missions throughout a series of campaigns to free the city and its inhabitants who have been under supervillain control for the past 20 years.


Each campaign will be made up of a list of patrol missions that push the game's narrative forward, as well as a slate of side missions that serve up additional challenges. There will also be chances to meet and recruit new heroes along the way, adding further new abilities and skill sets to your team as you look to free the city and put an end to the villain's reign of terror.

Each hero will be available to upgrade to unlock additional powers and abilities that could be the difference maker when facing off against one of the supervillains in a combat encounter. With a team of four heroes required for each mission, you can specialise the heroes to suit your style of play and the objective of each mission. To add further narrative depth to the game, as you improve each hero, you will unlock optional missions that look to delve into the lore of the respective characters, further explaining how they came to be the people they are in the game today.

Capes is currently slated to launch on an unannounced date in early 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5 Xbox X|S and Switch, but you can get a taste of what this game will be bringing to the table in its full edition all as part of a free demo, which is available to download right now.


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