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Capcom warns people about fake Early Access Invites for RE: Village

It's a scam!

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Capcom Europe has issued a statement, warning people about the fake beta invites for RE: Village that are probably currently floating around in fans' inboxes.

Resident Evil: Village is one of the most anticipated games in the coming months, and it seems that some unknown entities are trying to trick people by using its popularity out of malicious intention.

"We're sending this message as we've been made aware that there are currently emails circulating that pretend to contain 'Early Access invitations' to Resident Evil Village. The sender address is being displayed as 'no-reply(at)capcom(dot)com'," the statement from Capcom reads.

"We want to inform you that these messages are NOT from Capcom and appear to be phishing attempts by an unauthorized third party. If you have received such a message, please DO NOT download any files or reply, and delete the message immediately."

As of now, the only demo available is "Maiden" on the PS5 platform, and there are no plans for a beta test or early access version at present.

So, if you receive any of those emails, the best way is just get rid of it right away. It's a scam.

Resident Evil Village will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on May 7, 2021.

Resident Evil Village


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