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Capcom to reveal more news in Spotlight stream next week

Expect to see Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter Rise, Exoprimal, Mega Man Battle Network: Legacy Collection and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, but hopefully also Street Fighter 6, Pragmata and Dragon's Dogma 2.

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Capcom sure has some very anticipated titles coming this year, but the Japanese company might even have a couple of extra aces up its sleeve.

I say that because it has announced that a new Capcom Spotlight stream will start at 10:30 PM GMT / 11:30 PM CET on March 9. The stream will last for approximately 26 minutes, and at least include new looks at Resident Evil 4 (probably news about the demo), Mega Man Battle Network: Legacy Collection, Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion on PlayStation and Xbox, Exoprimal, and Ghost Trick Phantom Detective. That might leave some room for a surprise or two, so maybe we'll get news about Dragon's Dogma 2, Pragmata or Street Fighter 6 as well? We'll see on Thursday.

Capcom to reveal more news in Spotlight stream next week

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