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Capcom sells more games on Steam than PlayStation Store

Capcom is increasingly doing great business on PC Steam.

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Capcom is a company usually best-known as a console-focused developer, even though they have increased their PC footprint over the last years. However, it seems like it is time to change and maybe look at things from a different perspective. As the Japanese site Gamebiz reports, no less than 15.6% of Capcom's total sales between January and March of this year came from Steam.

This is, in fact, more than Capcom sold through Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) on the Playstation Store. With physical copies included plus Switch and Xbox counted as well, console is still way bigger, but Steam is growing a lot for Capcom and with physical sales in sharp decline - it's easy to see why they put so much effort into the PC market these days.

Capcom sells more games on Steam than PlayStation Store

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