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Resident Evil 4

Capcom says the Resident Evil 4 remake is almost finished

It seems like there won't be any delays, fortunately.

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This spring is literally crammed with hot releases to such an extent that a highly anticipated title like Resident Evil 4 Remake has pretty much been flying under the radar with bigger titles getting the attention. It launches on March 24 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox - and fortunately it seems like there won't be any delays.

The source of this claim comes from Capcom themselves. When the producer Yoshiaki Hirabayash recently talked to Famitsu about the game, he said:

"We are working hard to provide you with more information about Resident Evil 4 in preparation for its release on March 24th. The game is also in the final spurt to make the team united and make it a little better. Please wait just a little longer."

This hopefully means it won't take long before we get an announcement confirming that the game has reached gold status and is ready to be shipped. Considering how good Capcom's previous Resident Evil remakes have been and the fact that Resident Evil 4 is widely considered to be a serious candidate as the best horror game of all time... well... let's just say we are looking forward to this one. A lot.

Resident Evil 4


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